I AM NUT OK is committed to producing 100% plant based products, meaning they contain no animals and no animal by products - a leading cause of climate change and damage to the environment.



We aim to use the most environmentally friendly packaging for our products and for our shipping. This is why all our spreads are housed in recyclable glass jars, our cheeses are wrapped in a compostable film, and our products are shipped without the use of styrofoam. They are kept cool with fully recyclable packaging using paper insulation. While all this might be more expensive for us to use, it is much less costly to the environment.

zero waste

We always offer options for our aspiring zero wasters and encourage all our customers to reduce waste. We will include return labels so that the packaging used in shipping can be sent back and reused. The glass jars can also be returned in the boxes or those local to London can return the jars to our stall to be reused. They can also be repurposed as great containers or candleholders.

Future Goals

We hope to grow our business without compromising our values, and are working to reduce our footprint while making a positive impact. This ongoing effort is also made possible with our supportive and environmentally conscious customers. If you have any input as to how we can improve, we are always open to suggestions.